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10 Great Interior Designers in the Wilmington Area

I must confess something. I, Luke Cole of Luke’s Furniture Company, am not an interior designer. I design and build furniture, and I feel I am much better at design than most woodworkers, but my design expertise is generally focused on the wood furniture and cabinetry that I build. When you start asking me about window treatments, wall decor and bedspreads, I will quickly admit I am no expert in those areas of interior design. Whether you are looking for expert help on how to incorporate a piece of furniture we build for you, or if you are simply looking for a designer to work with on the rest of your home, a professional will always yield better results!

Luckily, the Cape Fear Region (which would include Wilmington, Leland, Southport, Hampstead and the surrounding areas) has no shortage of talented designers. We have personally worked with many of them, but I also follow many of their designs and admire the work I see. To help potential clients navigate who to talk to, I have put together a list of 10 great designers in the area. This list is not a ranking and is in no particular order.

Go Green Fine Interiors

Whether you are looking to do full service design for your new home, or are simply looking for help with paint color selection, Go Green Interiors offers many levels of design services. They will also help style your rental with less permanent solutions. My favorite part is their commitment to sustainable materials that not only help the environment, but also create a safe and healthy space to enjoy in your home.

Luxe Home Interiors

Luxe Home Interiors has a full storefront in Leland, but also specializes in design services. Their team has years of experience designing in the area and can pull from both their store offerings as well as many other vendors to create a beautiful space. While they serve the entire area, Brunswick County, including Leland and Southport, are major areas of expertise due to their Leland location. They also have an in house delivery team, which can help make the sometimes cumbersome delivery process much more seamless.

Evan Gray Designs

We worked with Evan several years back and he was great to work with. I have spoken several times with those clients and they have nothing but praise. He is known for his unique style that combines edgy and classic elements. He started Evan Gray Design to turn his passion into a business, focusing on natural elements and bold patterns in his work. What sets him apart? Evan loves building relationships with his clients and seeing his projects come to life, making spaces that truly reflect the people who live in them.

Liz Carroll Interiors

Liz Carrol Interiors likes to focus on “Relaxed & Refined Living.” They strive to ensure their designs emphasize the clients personal journey and story. They collaborate with architects, builders, and skilled craftsmen to design spaces that are not only sensitive to individual requirements but also singularly unique. They also have their own line of wallpapers that can take your space to a new level of uniqueness.

Kaylee Gordon Design

Kaylee aims to bring a sophisticated eye for color and texture to her projects. She excels in hand-rendering rooms to provide clients with a lucid visualization of the completed space. To enhance this, she employs digital floor plans and virtual placements, giving clients an accurate and comprehensive view of how new pieces will integrate into existing spaces. Additionally, Kaylee offers curated presentations that include fabric and finish selections to demonstrate how all elements will cohesively come together in the new interior.

Big Sky Design

Big Sky has been at it for a long time. Their massive portfolio spans a wide range of styles, from Traditional to Transitional, Mid-Century Modern to Contemporary, Glam to Green. Their years of experience and extensive design team means you can find a designer that is a perfect fit for you. They also have an online store so you can purchase some pieces directly from them (but you should still order your wood furniture from us!)

Mickler Design & Co

Mickler Design and Co offers a variety of services from classic home design services to workshops and home staging. Their goal is to focus on making the space uniquely yours, and not letting their own personal styles get in the way of exactly what you want. Want to become a design expert yourself? Attend their workshops to sharpen your own design skills. They also have a design studio where you can see some furniture and decor they love.

Smith & Gsell

Many designers focus on helping you refresh a home with furniture and decor. Smith & Gsell also specialize in helping you completely transform your space with full interior renovation design services. They are known for their unique style that they call MOCO, referring to their seamless blend of modern and coastal aesthetics. Take it from me, that is a tough line to tow, but it is gorgeous when done well. They also have a specialty that every Wilmingtonian has a need for, they do yacht interiors!

Laura Covington Interiors

Laura Covington Interiors specializes in fabric, furniture, wall covering, floor covering, window treatments, accessories, lighting, appliance and art selections. They offer a complimentary initial on site consultation and use 3D rendering and CAD to hep you visualize what their creations will look like. They work to curate an extensive and unique collection of upholstery and accessory lines so you can find those touches that will set your home apart from the rest.

Sweet Bay Designs

Sweet Bay Designs will not only help you with anything from a facelift to full design services, but they also partner with a realty firm. This allows them to help you with the design process while searching for a home! Rather than buying a home and trying to transform it into your vision, they can help you find the house that fits your vision and help you take those final steps. This unique approach to design opens up a path to personalization beyond many other design firms!

I am sure there are many other wonderful designers and firms in the area that I missed. If you have worked with someone great that you think should be on the list, send me an email and let me know!

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