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Design Your Bespoke Masterpiece

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for in our Signature Styles, we would love to help you design the perfect piece and make your vision a reality! This page is designed to help guide you through the beginning of the design process. Once you get an idea of what you are looking for, we ask that you please contact us directly and we can start designing!

Step 1: Decide What Kind of Piece You Are Looking For

Here at Luke's Furniture Company, we specialize in four types of wood furniture, Dining Tables, Accent Tables, Cabinets and Shelving. We can build pieces in any style from classic or farmhouse to contemporary and mid-century modern!

Dining Tables

Our most sought after pieces are our stunning, handcrafted dining tables.


Accent Tables

Accent Tables refers to smaller types of tables in the house such as desks, coffee tables, side tables, console tables, nightstands, etc.



Our clients love to design bar cabinets, display cabinets, entertainment consoles, and more!



Shelving can include hall trees, bookshelves, floating shelves and more.


Step 2: Envision the wood(s) that will elevate your space

When designing a fully custom piece, we can use any wood available on the market. This creates limitless possibilities! Here are a few of the more common (but still unique) woods available.
Maple - Our most popular wood. The wood itself is almost white, so we can stain it almost any color. The flowy grain pattern and color variations of maple make it the perfect way to add a coastal or refined rustic touch to your space. Color variations in the grain give maple a look of aged driftwood.
Mahogany - Our sustainably harvested mahogany features a straight grain for more sleek, contemporary look. The medium natural coloring of mahogany leaves us with less flexibility in staining, but the grain is so interesting you will want to preserve it's natural color.
Walnut - Walnut is one of the most naturally beautiful woods we use. It is naturally medium dark and features truly breathtaking grain. We love to use a natural finish and "Let Walnut be Walnut". The incredible grain can feature light streaks, purple and reddish hues and wild figuring. If you love the look of it, bbut want a little more control of the color, our Warm Walnut creates a more consistent color.
Ambrosia Maple
Live Edge
Spalted Maple
Ambrosia Maple is formed by nature when a beetle infects a tree and the wood must be harvested to protect the remaining forest. It's unique blue-gray streaks contrast against the light colored maple for a stunning result.
Live Edge tables can be built from a variety of woods and can display unique features such as voids and cracks that are reinforced with specialty joints and filled with epoxy of any color you choose.
Similar to Ambrosia Maple, Spalted Maple is caused by a fungus that requires the removal of the tree, making it a sustainable material. The striking contrast of the dark spalting against the light maple is truly breathtaking!

Step 3: Choose your finish

Your custom piece can be finished naturally to bring out the unique character of the wood (common with walnut, spalted and ambrosia maple), or it can be stained to achieve the perfect color while preserving the grain. Below are our standard stain blends, but we can also create custom blends to bring your vision to reality.

Maple Finishes

Carolina Sands
Our most popular stain! Blended to the color of sand. A great way to bring warmth to your space without dark colors.
Our medium brown stain with no reddish hints.
Our darkest brown stain brings a classic look to your piece.
Mix of light gray and beige for a cooler greige.
Our most popular gray! Brown and gray stains are mixed to give a warmer gray color.
Medium gray color with hints of brown.
Very dark charcoal gray.
Black Cherry
Classic cherry coloring with reddish hues.

Mahogany Finishes

Natural Mahogany
Medium reddish brown. This is Mahogany with no stain, just oil and varnish.
Warm Mahogany
The classic dark mahogany look.

Walnut Finishes

Natural Walnut
Simply Oiled & Varnished! The coloring and grain pattern can range, but it will always be breathtaking!
Warm Walnut
Medium dark brown. Our Warm Walnut finish brings consistency to the beautiful walnut grain.

Step 4: Measure the space

There are many nuances to determining the perfect size for a piece of furniture. We recommend
you take full measurements of your room as well as any other furniture that will be
affected by your custom piece, such as rugs, sofas, etc.

Once you have these measurements in hand, CONTACT US directly and we can start working together to
bring your imagination to life! We can collaborate in person, over video conference, or even over a
combination of phone and email.
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