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How to See Pricing and Order from Our “Shop Signature Styles” Online Store

Scenario: You call a contractor or someone who does custom work to get a general idea of what your project may cost. The person on the other end will give you NO pricing information until you set up a meeting and they get every detail they need to give a very specific price. Two weeks later, you have had the meeting and they have put together a quote. 


Many of us have had this happen. It is frustrating, and I believe it is usually unnecessary. Here at Luke’s Furniture Company, we try to be as transparent about pricing as possible. When someone asks how much a custom dining table costs, we tell them it usually costs between $2000 and $5000, depending on style, wood and size. Some styles, particularly Live Edge and tables with epoxy work can exceed that range. 


We also take it a step further. If you click on our “Shop Signature Styles” tab, you can see exactly what your table will cost if you choose one of our Signature Styles. Some clients do not see that they can see a price and even order online, so here is a quick guide to how to see our more specific pricing.


  1. Click the “Shop Signature Styles” tab at the top of the website.
  2. Choose a table or chair style that you like and click on the photo. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can Request a Quote or find a table similar to what you are looking for to get an idea of pricing.
  3. Choose a “Wood Species” under Choose Your Wood. You can read more about different wood species in our Design Studio page. The wood will have a major impact on the cost of the table. Maple is the lowest cost, mahogany is in the middle and Walnut is the most expensive. You may notice we mention other woods on the website that are not available on this page. That is simply because we would have to enter about 200,000 prices if we included all different woods. Most other woods will fall in similarly with the mahogany pricing.
  4. Click a finish under “Choose Your Finish”. Once you click on a type of wood, a variety of finishes will appear underneath. Keep in mind we can do other custom finishes as well, but the possibilities are nearly endless. You do not actually have to choose a finish to see a price, as all finishes cost the same. If you are uncertain, just move on the the next step.
  5. Choose a Size. Once you choose a wood, you will see the price for the smallest size table in the “Size” options. Simply scroll through the sizes and choose the one closest to what you are looking to order. Once you click a size you will get an accurate final price for the table!
  6. Chairs are a little different. For our Premium Chairs, which can be customized by wood type, you must choose a wood to see an accurate price. You can then add upgrades such as arms and upholstered seats that will change the price. For the “Deluxe Collection” chairs, it is a bit easier as there is only one proce.
  7. You can order directly from the site, request a quote or schedule a design consult. If you see exactly what you are looking for, you can simply “Add to Cart”, choose a delivery option and place your order online. If you want to make changes to what the online store offers, just schedule a design consult or request a quote and we can get you a more accurate price. If you see what you want, but would still like to see our shop and studio, we would love to meet you!


I hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to navigate the website and get a good idea of our pricing and some customization options. Keep in mind that the online store only shows limited styles and limited customization. We can do fully custom styles as well, and they generally stay in the same price range as our Signature Styles.

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