Wood Piles


Our most popular wood selection is maple. It is a hard, stable wood that can be stained nearly any color. We also offer poplar as a more budget friendly option. Still a hardwood, it has some color restrictions. Premium woods like walnut and sapele have a naturally unique and beautiful color that does not need to be stained. If you have a specific wood in mind that we have not listed, give us a call and we can likely use it on your order!



  • Please do not choose wood selection based on color. With the exception of Walnut and Mahogany, our wood selections are naturally very light and are stained to a color you choose.

  • Stain vs. Oil - Stains and oils both seal the wood (we always clear-coat our tables as well), but oils preserve the natural color of the wood. Walnut and Sapele are usually oiled to preserve their natural colors. Sapele is sometimes stained darker. All of our other woods can be oiled to preserve their light natural colors, or stained to a color ranging anywhere from gray to brown (see "Colors" page).

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Our most popular wood selection. Maple is a durable wood with beautiful color variation and a wide grain pattern. It has very little natural color, which means it can be stained nearly any color without the restrictions of other woods.

Poplar is our budget friendly option for wood selection. Still a hardwood, is is slightly more susceptible to movement over the years. It has some natural coloring of it's own that makes it best suitable for darker stains or painting. Our starting prices for each table are based on poplar.

Walnut is making a comeback as one of the most popular woods loved by interior designers. It is naturally dark and beautiful and needs no stain. It has color variations and a grain pattern that lend character to each piece. Walnut is one of our premium wood selections.

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Oak is truly a classic wood for furniture. It is very dense and features a uniquely tight grain. The stain coloring is very uniform with little variation. It is available is "Red Oak" or "White Oak," each with some unique characteristics. It can also be ordered "Quarter Sawn," which craetes a straight grain.

We use a type of African Mahogany called Sapele, which is much more sustainable than the well known Brazilian Mahogany. It gives the same classic look to a dense, high quality wood. The "Flat Sawn" description refers to a way it is sawn to give it a flowy grain pattern.

Quarter Sawn Mahogany is sawn in a special way to give it a striking straight grain. It is a great way to add a modern touch to your table. As with our Flat Sawn Mahogany, we use a sustainable variety called Sapele.