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Apex Dining Table


Our Apex Dining Table is where modern elegance meets unparalleled craftsmanship!

With its beveled round top and hand-carved contemporary base, this table effortlessly combines sleek sophistication with meticulous craftsmanship, setting the stage for unforgettable dining experiences. The centerpiece of any dining space, the Apex Dining Table commands attention with its striking design elements. The beveled round top adds a touch of refinement, elevating the aesthetics to a new level of elegance. Meanwhile, the sleek and thoughtfully hand-carved base showcases a contemporary allure that captivates the eye from every angle. It’s a true testament to our commitment to creating masterpieces that surpass expectations.

*Select “Wood Selection” & “Size” to see an accurate final price.

  • *Wood Selection
    *Maple Stain Selection
    *Mahogany Stain Selection
    *Walnut Stain Selection
    *Custom Paint & Stain Colors

    Choose a color that is not listed. Or, you can opt to choose different colors for the table top and the table base. Give us a call (910) 613-0641 before you order and we'll help you design your perfect table of your dreams.
    *Available for an additional $100



Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? No problem! Everything we build is fully customizable. Please contact us directly for a custom quote with any wood, style modifications, color or size you need.


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