Contemporary Boardroom


Tips for Choosing Size, Color and Wood Species

Our store offers a limited selection of our most popular pieces of furniture, but everything is fully customizable, usually at no extra charge! This page is designed to give you an idea of how you may want to customize. It also offers photos of various colors and wood species.

Wood Piles
Varnishing the Deck

Although our most popular wood species is Maple, we have a variety of offerings from budget friendly poplar to naturally beautiful black walnut. Click here to see photos and descriptions of our wood selections.

Selecting your table color is one of the most important and sometimes difficult design tasks. While we can do custom stain and paint color, click here to browse our most popular stain blends and see examples of many of them.

The key to choosing the perfect size for your piece is to maximize your space without overcrowding. Click here to learn tips for choosing the best dimensions for your furniture.

Finish: The final decision that must be made is how glossy to make the finish. We use a polyurethane finish on all our tables to protect the wood and make cleaning a breeze. Most of our clients prefer a low gloss finish, but you may also choose a higher gloss if it better matches your style.