Whether you plan to use your table in a small breakfast nook to seat four, or you want an extending table for large dinner parties, the dimensions are very important to get right. Although there are common sizes (available in our store), you can customize to your exact needs to maximize your seating potential.


What You Need


First you need to measure your space. The general rule is that you want AT LEAST 36" between the table and all walls or other obstructions.. We always recommend using painter's tape to tape off the area of the table. Make sure it does not feel overcrowded in your room.

Industrial Designer


The size of your space will inevitably limit your seating capacity at your table. Most chairs are between 18" and 22" wide, but it is ideal for each person seated to have 30" of space to themselves. We recommend a minimum of 24" per person, but that can be a bit of a squeeze.

Our most popular sizes...

  • 72" x 36" - Seats 6

  • 84" x 42" - Seats 6-8

  • 96" x 48" - Seats 8-10

In round tables...

  • 48" - Seats 4

  • 60" - Seats 6

  • 72" - Seats 6-8

* Each size can fit an additional two people in what we call "The Thanksgiving Squeeze."

Outdoor Dinner Party


Table heights are generally standard, but can be adjusted for your comfort. A tall family make choose to add a couple inches and visa versa. Standard Table Heights are as follows...

  • Standard Table - 30"

  • Counter Height - 36"

  • Bar Height - 42"

Carpenter at Work


We offer extensions and leaves. Which one is right for you depends on your needs.

  • Extensions are recommended when you only plan to use them once or twice per year. With extensions, you have a solid table the other 363 days of the year and no seam down the middle of the table. The downside is that if they are used too often they can eventually sag.

  • A leaf is a great option when you will extend the table more often. It will be less susceptible to sagging, but will have a seam in the table.

  • The maximum extension size available at this time is 24". Extensions are not currently offered on our online store. Contact us to order.

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